Apple Adds New Customization Options to iOS 18: iPhone Users Can Customize Their Home Screen and Control Center

Apple’s iPhone To Become More Similar to Android

Apple has announced that iPhone users will soon be able to customize elements of their home screen as part of the upcoming iOS 18 software update. This new feature allows users to arrange their app icons on the screen around their wallpaper photo or add colored tints to the icons. To make their selections, all they need to do is press and hold on the home screen. In dark mode, both icons and wallpaper will get a fresh look.

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, highlighted during the presentation how changes to the Control Center will enable iPhone users to swap out buttons for different functions. For example, the flashlight button on the lock screen can be replaced with something else. This level of customization drew attention from tech fans on X, with some drawing comparisons to Android Widgets.

Some users on X joked about the similarities between the new iOS 18 features and Android customization options, with one user humorously pointing out the irony of Apple’s announcement. Others expressed both love and hate for the new customization options, with some even suggesting that the new iOS features could tempt Android users to switch to iPhones. The battle between iOS and Android devices has been ongoing, with Android devices historically being viewed as more innovative and customizable than iPhones. However, with the release of the iPhone 15 and the new iOS 18 updates, some iPhone users have come to appreciate the customization options on Apple devices. After years of popularity for Android phones, iPhone users have steadily increased in numbers since 2022, surpassing Android users in the US.

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