Amazon Fresh Introduces Smart Dash Carts: Revolutionizing Grocery Shopping with AI and Innovative Technology

Is Amazon Fresh Parting Ways with Just Walk Out Technology?

Amazon Fresh is revamping its checkout strategy by introducing smart Dash Carts. The company has been working on enhancing its grocery strategy, with a focus on the success of its Fresh business. Instead of using its Just Walk Out technology, Amazon’s next generation of Fresh stores will rely on Dash Carts for a seamless checkout process.

In August, Amazon unveiled redesigned Fresh stores in Illinois as part of an effort to create an exceptional grocery shopping experience. Acknowledging the challenges faced due to external factors impacting the business environment, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy mentioned that his retail teams are continuously working on improving the Amazon Fresh operation. The company is experimenting with various aspects such as selection, checkout formats, assortment, and price points to enhance the overall customer experience.

The experimentation seems to have paid off, as Tony Hoggett, Amazon’s SVP of grocery stores, confirmed that the new batch of Fresh stores will not use Just Walk Out technology. Instead, they will implement Dash Carts, which are smart shopping carts equipped with a scanner and screen to allow customers to check out as they shop. Dash Carts also help shoppers navigate the store, discover new items and find the best deals.

While the new Fresh stores will not feature Just Walk Out technology, Amazon will continue to use it in a small number of Fresh stores in the U.K., and some Amazon Go stores. The company’s Seattle-based operations are ranked No. 2 on The PG 100 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America. Whole Foods based in Austin Texas has over 500 stores in the U.S., Canada and U

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