Amazon Ditches ‘Just Walk Out’ Tech in Fresh Stores for Personalized Shopping Experience

Amazon is eliminating the Just Walk Out technology.

Amazon is making changes to its Amazon Fresh stores by removing the “Just Walk Out” technology that allowed shoppers to skip the check-out line. This decision is part of an effort to revamp the grocery chain.

Tony Hoggell, senior vice president of grocery stores at Amazon, has committed to redesigning the Fresh stores based on customer feedback. Reports from Bloomberg and Associate Press confirm that Hoggell, who joined Amazon in 2022, has been working on this project for some time. Customers expressed their desire to skip the check-out line but also wanted to view their receipt and savings while in line.

Amazon operates numerous Fresh grocery stores across the country, with a focus on locations in California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington state. In addition to Fresh stores, Amazon also owns cashier-free convenience stores under the Amazon brand and Whole Foods, which was acquired in 2017 for $13 billion. Whole Foods has over 516 stores in the US and Canada, with a concentration in California, Texas, and Florida.

The revamped shopping experience at Amazon Fresh stores will introduce new “smart” carts that allow customers to skip the check-out line while seeing their spending in real-time. Customers will receive an itemized bill via email for their purchases. This change will provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers while still maintaining a fast and convenient checkout process.

While some may be disappointed by this change, it shows that Amazon is always looking for ways to improve its services based on customer feedback. The company’s commitment to innovation and providing a top-notch customer experience is evident in all aspects of its business operations.

Overall, these changes reflect Amazon’s commitment to providing a better shopping experience for its customers while still maintaining its innovative approach to retail. As with any business decision, there may be some initial challenges as customers adjust to the new system but ultimately it will lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty towards Amazon’s brand.

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