A Lifetime of Success: Sherri Tynes Inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame

The Impact of Sherri Tynes on Women’s History

Sherri Tynes, a woman with an illustrious career in sports, is being inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame. With four-time Mid-Eastern Coach of the Year awards, head coaching the North Carolina East/West All-Star Game, and winning the first North Carolina High School State Championship in fast pitch softball, Tynes has left an indelible mark on the sports world. In addition to her accolades from Airport High School and Laney High School Sports Halls of Fame, Tynes remains committed to staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through various forms of exercise.

As a child, Tynes was always encouraged by her father to participate in athletics. She played basketball, volleyball, and track in high school before continuing her athletic pursuits at East Tennessee State University. After college, Tynes embarked on a coaching career that spanned decades. Her initial foray into coaching was in college basketball before transitioning to high school sports. Over the years, she coached various sports including men’s and women’s golf, women’s basketball, and fast and slow-pitch softball. During her high school coaching tenure, Tynes achieved a remarkable record of 423 wins versus 189 losses.

Despite initially joining Laney High School as a basketball coach, Tynes embraced the opportunity to coach multiple sports based on the school’s needs. Throughout her career at Laney High School, she received incredible support from administrators, assistant coaches

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