1985 Patriots uniform crowned best sports uniform in Boston’s history; Red Sox, Celtics fall short

Fans vote Classic Patriots as the best uniform in Boston sports history

The voters have spoken, and the iconic 1985 Patriots uniform has been named the best sports uniform in Boston’s history. Despite recent success, the classic New England professional football look emerged as the most popular choice among fans.

In the final round, the 1985 Patriots uniform beat out the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms to take home the title. The final stats showed a significant victory for the ’85 uniforms with a 57-43 margin. This wasn’t an easy feat, as they had already defeated the No. 1 seed, the 2004 Red Sox, in a previous round by a narrow margin of just 8%.

The iconic Patriots look was favored over other teams throughout this year’s bracket. In addition to beating out the Red Sox in an earlier round, they also had an overwhelmingly lopsided victory in the opening round against their rivals from across town – The Boston Celtics.

Despite being given a lower seed and facing tough competition, Tony Collins and his fellow teammates were able to stand out as clear favorites among voters. The closest matchup in this year’s bracket was between two rival teams – The Bruins and their classic “Bobby Orr Era” look, which only separated them by just 16 votes. Overall, it seems that fans are drawn to classic designs that evoke memories of past successes and legends like Tony Collins who helped lead their teams to glory days gone by!

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